Coming Together To Eradicate Child Abuse

Today’s world not only has issues of domestic violence on adults but also witnesses plenty of child abuse cases. Children across age groups suffer physical, verbal, emotional, as well as sexual violence. As responsible individuals and an organization, we want to change this scenario.

Our vision is to build a world without violence. A world where no child is abused, no wife is battered, and no friend is raped. A world that doesn’t have even traces of terror, threats, or wounds through intentional actions. We envision to instill feelings of mutual respect and compassion among individuals where the strong willingly provide for the vulnerable and the vulnerable is supported enough to become empowered. A society which is secure for everyone to live in and which gives equal chances to men and women, and boys and girls to pursue their happiness.

Creating a Tolerant Society

To realize its vision, Dragonfly Warriors employs a hands-on approach through its crisis intervention, violence prevention and education programs tailored to women, men, youth, and children. We listen, counsel, support, guide and help heal the survivors of violence. While we teach teens about healthy relationships, we also train girls in self-defense.

Dragonfly Warriors.
Dragonfly Warriors.

We Organize, We Advocate.

We have a strong belief that violence is preventable. All we need to do is stand against it, united. We pride ourselves in being at the center of such social movement, helping individuals, groups and society advance.